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Stupid Government Forms

Okay, part of my plan to stay alive after 12/21/2012 is to arm myself, so I've decided to apply for a FOID card. Simple enough, right?

So, question number 5 of this form is (and I quote):

"Are you mentally retarded?"



Forget for the moment that this is SO politically incorrect and cruel and think about the question. That is being asked. On a government form. Requesting permission to own a firearm.

Who IN their RIGHT mind would answer that question in the affirmative? Particularly if they do want to own a firearm. I'm half tempted to answer "yes" just to see if they process the application and issue the card. But the fee is non-refundable and I'm NOT going to support the efforts of a government that is SO stupid as to ask such an offensive question on a form.

What a bunch of bureaucratic morons. That question should be posed of them before they can file to run for office.

Sometimes...I'm ashamed of our country.

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aaaannnddd....we're back!

That was some vacation, huh? Lot's o' stuff going on but new year's resolution is to try to post more frequently.

Go on...admit it. You missed me! :-)

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