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I am a 40-something professional woman with a loving husband and a wonderful college-aged daughter. I am opinionated and always have been. Some things I have strong feelings on and others will be all fluff. You don't have to agree with me, but I appreciate this forum with which to express my opinions. So, those who don't like my opinions can find another blog to read - it won't hurt my feelings....really.

No book for you!

When my daughter was little, she LOVED books. (As an adult, she still does). So, when we'd go shopping, I was not above bribing her...if she was good, she would get a Little Golden Book. (Hey, it wasn't candy...it was an educational bribe, so don't judge me).

It worked like a charm. She was a doll when we went shopping, staying in the cart and looking cute. She got lots of compliments about how "good" she was...and it made shopping easier.

One day, we were in K-Mart at the checkout and there was a kid a few lanes down that was screaming and throwing the biggest fit you've ever seen/heard. Sarah took this all in very quietly, and then in all of her three-year-old innocence says "I don't think he's going to get a book today."

I had to smile and agree with her.

Flash forward 24 years...she's at her job as a central check-in clerk at a medical clinic and she sends me the following instant message:

"There is a kid here today that is not going to get a book."

LOL! I love my daughter...she knows all the right things to say to make me laugh/smile!

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