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I am a 40-something professional woman with a loving husband and a wonderful college-aged daughter. I am opinionated and always have been. Some things I have strong feelings on and others will be all fluff. You don't have to agree with me, but I appreciate this forum with which to express my opinions. So, those who don't like my opinions can find another blog to read - it won't hurt my feelings....really.

Sadness Can Strike Even the Cynical

We had to put our cat down yesterday morning. Our 14-year-old-like-a-furry-child cat. Hubby and I have neither one had to ever make that decision. Living in the country (like he did) or on a major roadway (like me), nature took its course with our childhood pets.

This was the first pet we selected as a family - from the Humane Society. The first cat we had in the first home we purchased together. The cat we nursed through urinary tract infections on Thanksgiving eve instead of going to see family. The cat we took to the vet religiously when he had allergies every 3 months to the day. The cat we bottlefeed in his last days because he couldn't (or wouldn't) eat.

We stayed with him and petted and kissed him as he passed. We know he's in a better place and at peace. But for the last 24 hours, we have felt such loss - like all of the happiness has been drained from our bodies. It's such a deep aching, like losing a child.

Only another pet-lover could understand this analogy. So, to those of you who know our pain, I say "thank you." For those of you who are blaspheming me for my pain and using the loss of a child as an analogy, I say "God bless you. And I pray that you never have to know this pain. Because those with such weak hearts would never survive."

To Henry: know that you will always be in our hearts and our minds.

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