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I am a 40-something professional woman with a loving husband and a wonderful college-aged daughter. I am opinionated and always have been. Some things I have strong feelings on and others will be all fluff. You don't have to agree with me, but I appreciate this forum with which to express my opinions. So, those who don't like my opinions can find another blog to read - it won't hurt my feelings....really.

Christmas Movies

I LOVE Christmas movies...we try to watch one a day (or every other day) during the holidays to help get in the spirit. We recently watched Elf with Will Ferrell. Oh my gosh, it is hilarious. This is one of my favorite dialogues in the movie:

Buddy: "I didn't know you had elves working here."
Miles Finch: "Oh, well, you're hilarious, my friend."
Walter: "He doesn't uh... Get back to the story, please."
Miles Finch: "So, on the cover, above the title..."
Buddy: "Does Santa know that you left the workshop?"
Miles Finch: "You know, we're all laughing our asses off..."
Buddy: "Did you have to borrow a reindeer to get down here?"
Walter: "Buddy, go back to the basement."
Miles Finch: "Hey, jackweed, I get more action in a week than you've had your entire life. I've got houses in LA, Paris, and Vail..."
Buddy: "Oh."
Miles Finch: "...each one of them with a 70-inch plasma screen. So I suggest you wipe that stupid smile off your face before I come over there and smack it off! You feelin' strong, my friend? Call me elf one more time."
Buddy: "He's an angry elf."

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